A bet for simplicity - vegetarian salad

A bet for simplicity - vegetarian salad

Time occupies too much in this current society that we live. We focus on work, which often absorbs more than 50% of our time, in our pending task, our family, etc... But... is that preventing us from feeding ourselves in a healthy and balanced way? 

The answer is in simplicity.

Internet is an almost inexhaustible source of resources. We can easily find simple and healthy recipes to be used within our working week and leave for the weekend those more elaborated preparations to enjoy with the family.

One example can be a simple tomato salad, which enriched with mozzarella and olive oil. Properties of tomato are well known: one single tomato contributes almost 40% of the daily amount needed of vitamin C (a natural antioxidant). In addition, also offers vitamins A, K, B1 and B2 and minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, sodium, iron, zinc, and potassium. If we add mozzarella to the main product (tomato) then we get riboflavin, thiamin, biotin, and vitamin B6, also fat-soluble vitamins such as A, E, and D - the key to calcium absorption and bone health.

Additionally, we are also including olive oil, the liquid "gold". What can be wrong on this recipe?

Tomato salad with mozzarella and olive oil (for 2 persons):

- 1 Tomato for salad, the best quality available; 

- 1 piece of mozzarella (better if Bufala) in water;

- Olive oil;

- Salt;

- Oregano.

Time of preparation:  3 minutes.  

How to prepare:

-   Simply chop the tomato (preferably in brunoise) and also the mozzarella portion.

-   Spread them over the plate and add some oregano and salt.

-   Add a tablespoon of olive oil.

Time to joy:  that only depends on you...